Pinot Chardonnay

The Pinot Grigio and the Chardonnay together mean that the wine is a attrazzione both his eyes and the palate. It is characterized by a pale yellow with shades of gold. It has a delicate bouquet of fresh flowers with fruity notes. The palate is fresh, dry, velvety with a few hints of exotic fruits. It is served with delicate first courses, excellent with all types of meat.

Temperature of Service: 8 - 10°C

Analytical General Data
  • The harvest is carried out at the beginning of September, it all depends on the weather conditions in late summer where you have warm days and cold nights, and this allows a constant and perfect ripening under the profiles of sugar, acidity and especially perfumes.
    Once the grapes arrive at the winery, it is gently pressed and the must is immediately floated so as to immediately divide the juice from the scum. Therefore, this operation allows the free-run juice to ferment in its full clarity at a precisely controlled temperature must never exceed 16/18 ° C, otherwise it will get lost in the fragrance of all fragrances. The total days for the fermentation of wine is roughly 15.
    Once the Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay were aged in separate barrels of steel, a part of each it is taken, and by means of pumps, is introduced in a new bath to continue the refining of the two types of wine.
    After several months, the wine is perfectly balanced and ready for bottling.

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