Villa Rita label

Type label

Label designed to remember the origins.

Project description

Not to forget.


Effect old paper, with reference to an old farmhouse.

All sooner or later they ask the same question: "Where do we come from?" This is what we found.

Mosolo knew that the family was not from Italy, but we did not know where. After a thorough investigation it was discovered that we had noble origins and lived in Germany.

Research has shown that the family Mosolo lived in a farmhouse surrounded by hectares of forest land, but since then the ancestors of Mosolo had begun to grow vines. Despite the aristocratic class was high, the love of nature was already present, so that even the founder was in the vineyard to control the harvest. Centuries have passed since then, but not to forget our origins has designed this label.

Our family in Germany will not be nothing left but our family here in Italy will be more of an old cottage dispersed.

— Gleni Mosolo