Villa Floriano label

Type label

Label designed to recall a trip.

Project description

With this line you want to remember the much-loved Australian villa view from grandfather Angelo.


A white background highlights the villa grandfather Angelo loved so much and has reported a Latin phrase as a wish for happiness.

Some say say that only the most important people remain engraved in the heart, but for Grandpa Angelo was not so.

Angelo grandfather always told his business trip to Australia, describing it as a period full of hardships , but also emotions. Often he told his friend Glen, from which it was inseparable and also told how he had seen for the first time the villa, abandoned in the woods. He said it was a charge of positive energy that induced people to work hard to return to his family.

For this reason it was created the line Villa Floriano, to remember the emotion of the time.

Every evening, after the hard work, I passed through that country road, I climbed on the wall of stones and entered the woods. When at last I saw her, I could see the beauty that once possessed, but that even now maintained. I approached to put my hand on a column and murmur "Ciao signora".

— Grandfather Angelo