Mosolo Gleni label

Type label

Label designed to start the production cycle of the bottles.

Project description

With this line you want to remember the much-loved Australian villa view from grandfather Angelo.


Gold ⁄ blue for the white, gold ⁄ red for the reds.

It wanted to represent the beginning with the place from which we come: Faedis.

To remember and locate our product on the market, it was decided to start a career as wine with a label that would represent ourselves and our territory. This gave rise to the forefront Mosolo.

One of the icons of Faedis is undoubtedly the bridge erected even before the wars and crossed by numerous soldari with their arsenals. Today the bridge remains in place, proud of his years and rubusto as a time and this is what the family wants to be Mosolo.

This bridge has seen many things and I as a child I saw impose itself and reclaim its place in the community and that's what I'll do.

— Grandfather Angelo