Michele's label

Type label

Label designed to celebrate the life of Michele.

Project description

Association of the old with the new.


Label with a different shade of gray. Black lettering embossed with image of ancient harvest.

As you're ready to celebrate the work of Michele so that they remember? Simple, dedicating a line of labels with the sophisticated but rich in meaning.

The label has been designed in a turning point of the company, at a time when the old gives way to the young because they undertake on its way.

Over the years Michele has always been present in the company and as a child, he had in mind one thing: take the place his father. Now with the experience gained, to celebrate his efforts has been dedicated to a line that depicts the features: tradition but with one foot in the future.

The road never ends. There are steps to get to, but other to avoid the common thread is what drives us every morning to get up: happiness. With this label, I wanted to celebrate the journey of Michele, who is always full of pride and happiness.

— Gleni Mosolo