The quality of wine essentialy depends on the grapes, their origins, the way whitch the wines are grow up and the winedresser’s ability.

Grandfather Angelo Mosolo
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Why Choose Us?

Family Tradition

Mosolo’s family work with the latest technology, but keeps active the traditions taught by the founder.


The love we have for our land, means that all the technologies that we use to serve its maintenance.

New Generation

Mosolo's family has ancient origins. Nowadays we have the new generation led by Michele.


Integrity, trust, wisdom and spirit of innovation makes the company Mosolo reality in a fresh and genuine.

Different Layout Labels

Love for the wine goes with love towards the customer, which offers several solutions of labels.

Export all over the world

We are proud to know that our wines accompany the food from all over the world.

The secret to having a full life? Find a job you're passionate, have a family to be proud of and have a good glass of wine in hand. What there is better?

Gleni Mosolo

Mosolo's World

This is what we are, what we do, what we love.

01 Coltivate
To have a good quality you have to start with the basics: soil, climate and lots of love.
02 Grow
The screw is like a child, you have to feed him and teach him the right way to go.
03 Transform
Once the fruit is ripe, it picks it up and guide him in his transformation to make it sublime.
04 Dress
Not just the product has excelled in taste, but it is also necessary that the views.
What better way to enjoy wine with the taste, smell and sight?

What we offer


The culture that
our ancentors have left us

The traditions handed down orally by our fathers form the experience and wisdom that today Mosolo family puts into his wine.


The happiness of neighbor makes wonderful the day

A smile can give happiness. A beautiful day can bring happiness. A glass of wine can lead to inner happiness and the senses.

Desire to impress

Who knows how to surprise the next, it should be very good

From comedy to sports, from artists to Chef to surprise they must first impress themselves. This is what the family wants to get Mosolo.

Key Person

Mosolo the company is a family business. First established and managed only from grandfather Angelo, now every nuance is handled by three key people inside

Angelo Mosolo Founder
Greatness' researcher

Founder of the current Mosolo Gleni company, the first of his generation to think big.

Gleni Mosolo Vineyard Veteran
Innovation lover

The company is managed with wisdom and experience which Gleni hands down with extreme love.

Angela Mosolo CEO
Graphic / Web designer

Thanks to Angela, Mosolo wines have acquired a new look, younger and fresher.

Michele Mosolo Vice President
Commercial Director

Michele has the task of explaining the love that exists in every drop of wine produced.

Our Wines

White Wine

Fruit of the history of the wine culture of man, the white wine has accompanied the economic development of the major developed countries.

Red Wine

The Red Wine accompanies men since ancient times. In fact, many studies report that already neolithic man loved this drink.

Sparkling Wine

Sparkling wine is the wine par excellence that can not miss the appetizers, creating an unforgettable moment.

PSR Azienda Agricola Mosolo Gleni
di Angela e Michele

Wine is like love. The more it grows, the more sensations ensuing be special. Michele Mosolo