The wine is simple to do, but how many wines
are the fruit of their love for the land where you were born? And those are the wines that deserve to be called good?

Gleni Mosolo

In all the trips I've taken I have always appreciated the culture and the food of other countries.
But now it is time that other countries appreciate my wine.

Michele Mosolo

Knowing how to accompany the food from all over the world with my wine is a unique feeling. That makes me feel at home anywhere in the world where I am.

Angela Mosolo

The Mosolo wines are distributed in biggest land

We like to think that our wines go to bring happiness in countries where all you need is a smile.

United States of America
Central America

The Pride behind
the job

The Azienda Agricola Mosolo Gleni is organized both in the vineyard and in the winery, where it maintains ongoing and rigorous system "family production". From the countryside to bottling all cycles are supervised by Mosolo family together with the collaboration of technical experts of trust of the Family.

Each shipment is carefully followed, because as always Gleni said: "Every time a bottle leaves the winery, a part of me, of my work, of my fatigue, my Passion to follow. For that I want everything to be perfect".

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