Cabernet Sauvignon

The Cabernet Sauvignon so elegant and charmingly, ruby-red color, rich in tannins and a strong aroma of blackberries and plums.
Smooth as silk, has a long finish and a full-bodied structure.
It is served with the salads, red meat, fresh cheese and a delicate exotic pate.

Temperature of Service: 16 - 18°C

Analytical General Data
  • The harvest takes place between late September and October.
    Once in the winery, the must is macerated with the skins for 15-20 days at a controlled temperature between 25-28° C. Before the end of the alcoholic fermentation of the bacteria are inoculated in order to proceed with the malolactic fermentation. This operation is carried out in order to achieve in the short term of the soft wines and ready for a first marketing.
    The total days for the fermentation of wine is roughly 28/30.

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